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We care deeply for the people who care deeply for people

We exist to foster joy and wellness in the lives of those who work in mission-driven organizations. We envision a world where nonprofits and their community partners (schools, government agencies, healthcare organizations, etc.) have everything they need to achieve their mission, including workplaces that prioritize wellness & inclusion. 


As veteran Nonprofit Unicorns, we understand the joys and concerns of those who do heart-driven work.

You love your job and the difference it makes in the lives of others.


You feel guilty for taking a vacation.

You’re using aging and inefficient technology.

You’re constantly asked to do more with less.

You hear stories of trauma and tribulations all day, every day.

You go to bed each night exhausted and overwhelmed - if you sleep at all.

You feel your passion & empathy slowly slipping from your soul.  


We’ve been there. And, frankly, it sucks. And you know what? 

You’re not alone.


What Wellologie is doing to make a difference

Wellologie gives mission-driven professionals the tools they need to make a difference in their life so they can do the same for others. Whether it’s “small,” daily practices that build self-love or organizational strategies that fight burnout, we’ve got the practical know-how to get you from overwhelm to overwell. 


To learn more, check out the services we offer to individuals, teams, and organizations.

Our Values

These core values guide everything we do and how we do it. We lean on these values when things get tough or confusing, and they remind us of our purpose and direction. Wellologie's values stand on a foundation of social justice, and we honor that foundation by actively engaging in anti-racist & anti-oppressive ways and by rejecting practices rooted in white supremacy like perfectionism, urgency, scarcity, and rugged individualism. 

Wellologie Values Heart

Meet the Team


My name is Brad A. Palmertree. I’m a social worker, Nonprofit Unicorn, & most recently founder & Chief Wellologist of Wellologie. For over 15 years, I’ve led communities, organizations, and movements for a better world. And you know what I’ve discovered along the way? Passion can give you life - and it can take it away. Early in my career, my doctor wanted to give me medication to control my blood pressure and cholesterol. After a lot of lifestyle changes (including leaving an important leadership position), my health improved but that elusive work/life balance remained a challenge. More than ten years later, I founded Wellologie after the incredible events of 2020 highlighted the need for practical, sensible, inclusive, and unapologetic ways to care for ourselves and each other.   

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