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Training Course Descriptions

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COVID-19 Update: All of these trainings can be facilitated online via Zoom along with other collaborative online tools (e.g. Google Docs, SharePoint, Miro, Slido, etc.).
In-person trainings (based out of Denver, CO) can be facilitated with some agreed-upon terms. Just contact us for more info. 

Trauma & Resilience (series) 

That sage philosopher (and America’s first “idol") Kelly Clarkson sings, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” While that can be true for some, we also know that stress & trauma can leave lasting damage by setting off a chain reaction of unhealthy coping skills, disease or disability, and even early death. What makes the difference? How can we build resilience to prevent or withstand life’s stressors? This 3-part series examines the relationships between stress, trauma, and resilience while providing practical tools to improve organizational culture & capacity for trauma-informed practice. 


Part 1: The Impact of Trauma on Individuals, Communities, & Organizations

Part 2: Preventing & Mitigating Trauma with Resilience

Part 3: Creating Trauma-Responsive & Resilient Organizational Culture

Self-care for Overachievers

If you thrive on to-do lists, updating your calendar, perfecting the impossible, collecting gold stars, blowing everyone’s mind, pulling all-nighters, and skipping breakfast in favor of the newest cold brew at Starbucks, then this training is for you. Since you’re probably reading this in the “five more minutes” of time you’ve given yourself before returning to your life, all you need to know is that this training isn’t about shaming or reducing your ability to do all the things. It is, however, an opportunity to slow down for a moment and learn a thing or two from someone just like you. And yes, you’ll get ALL the gold stars just for showing up.  


Normalizing Self-care for Men

While we reject the gender binary, it's no secret that in the U.S., those who identify as men typically live 5 fewer years than women due, in part, to their leading causes of death: depression & suicide. While the term “self-care” is inherently gender-neutral, it’s no secret that the self-care movement is wrongly stigmatized as “a woman’s thing.” Because nothing is more manly than taking care of your body & mind. At Wellologie, we want to create a generation of healthy men. And healthy men practice self-care. This training - intended for anyone on the gender spectrum – will provide insights & practices for co-creating a culture that embraces wellness for those who identify as men.

*intended for anyone & everyone on the gender spectrum


Inclusion & Belonging as Wellness Strategies

No one likes being invited to the party just to be ignored or dismissed. Inclusion and belonging are core human needs that are too often ignored at work because we love a hierarchy. One of the biggest influencers of organizational wellness is a sense of inclusion. In fact, most organizations fail in their Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) work because they didn’t prioritize inclusion first. You’ll learn how to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging that positively influences employee engagement and well-being which improves your organization’s ability to drive creativity, innovation, and impact.


Radical Self-Care**

Bubble baths are great and all, but have you ever liberated yourself from our culture of busy that makes those bubble baths necessary in the first place? This training examines the cultural barriers to your self-care, applies ancient wisdom to modern challenges, and gives you insight into practices that aren’t serving you so that you can replace them with culturally affirming and validating practices that bring more joy and self-love to you & your community.

Collective Self-Care: Creating a Team Self-Care Plan

While it’s important to have a personal self-care plan and to take responsibility for your own self-care, your colleagues are often the first to recognize warning signs of stress or burn out. After all, you spend most of your time each week with coworkers who also understand the unique stressors involved in your workplace and can validate your experience by offering a debrief or consolation and encouragement. One way to ensure that everyone feels supported is to create a self-care plan for the whole team or workplace.


Building Teams that Get Shit Done

Even Google knows the #1 secret to building the dream team – psychological safety. Image a workplace with a culture in which everyone feels safe to take risks, voice their opinions, lean into challenges together, be their authentic selves, ask judgment-free questions. That’s psychological safety. Along with structure and clarity, psychologically safe organizations have less turnover, more diversity, and greater impact. This training gives you practical tools and insights on how to build dynamic teams with a focus on psychological safety.

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**For licensed social workers in Colorado and Tennessee, these trainings are approved for Continuing Education/Professional Development.

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