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How a Breakdown Gave Life to Wellologie

Brad A. Palmertree believes that you – yes, you - deserve every amount of joy that this world has to offer. He also believes that blue M&Ms taste better than the others and you can't convince him otherwise. As a macro social worker, he has been a lot of things: community organizer, recovering lobbyist, nonprofit founder & director, trainer & facilitator, program builder, collective impact practitioner, and consultant. But do you know what he’s always been?

T I R E D.

And come to find out, he didn’t even know how tired he was until he stopped. The first time he stopped, after receiving his MSW from the University of Michigan, he didn’t have a choice. It took five months to say yes to a job, and Brad’s fiancé, Branden, would later testify that those five months “were the worst. It wasn’t pretty.”

not entirely dissimilar to David's emotional breakdown in S2, E1

Years later, Brad took another break – this time on his own accord when he moved across the country and took a sabbatical from Nonprofit Land. This time, he embraced the space. For the record, it still wasn’t pretty (plenty of tears, y'all), but the outcome certainly was. In the space between, he created Wellologie, a training & consulting firm to support mission-driven organizations in their efforts to be places of wellness and inclusion. Because Nonprofit Unicorns & their partners deserve to be well-resourced, well-balanced (and well-paid).

Originally from Tennessee, Brad is thoroughly blessed to live in Denver, Colorado with his fiancé where they rent space from two cats, Rocky & Isabella.

And here's just a few of his favorite things....

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