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The Ultimate 10-Step Self-Care Guide for Helping Professionals

The Ultimate 10-Step Self-Care Guide for Helping Professionals


How different would your life be if you took just a few minutes each day to show yourself some love? What if you started today with just five minutes? 

Everyone talks about self-care but, too often, we don't have the resources (time, money, permission, tools) to practice it. And self-care is not a luxury; it's a necessecity for survival & sustainability. It does, however, take intentionality and consistency. That's where this workbook comes in.


This 30-page, fillable PDF will guide you through an intentional reflection of your wellness journey, a comprehensive assessment of your self-care practices across six domains, and a self-care plan that is realistic and unique to you. You'll also enjoy creating your self-care emergency kit, affirmations, and weekly priorities. Also included: three grounding & inspiring poems.


Helping professionals - social workers, educators, healthcare & public health professionals, etc. - have continued to serve our communities valiently against the backdrop of a global pandemic, unprecedented weather & climate emergencies, & continued racial injustice. Even amongst cries of burnout and fears of "The Great Resignation," we move forward each day with a little hope and a lot of perserverence. And a self-care plan. 


10-Step Overview

  1. Put You First 
  2. What is Self-Care? 
  3. Self-Care Reflection
  4. Self-Care Assessment
  5. Crafting Your Self-Care Plan
  6. Weekly Self-Care Plan
  7. Your Self-Care Emergency Kit
  8. Affirmations
  9. Poetry
  10. A Commitment 


  • Specific Info

    Pages: 30

    File Type: PDF

    File size: 7.2MB 

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